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Experience a classic boat shooting on Lake Constance The Pegiva is the Australian form of the famous Riva Aquarama motorboats, which have a beautiful curved wooden hull and a reduced body. Classic, beautiful, timeless - always something for the eye and ... VIEW MORE Couple Shooting on Lake Constance with a Pegiva classic boat Having a good time on the lake of Constance, enjoying the water and waves, having your beloved in your arms and close your eyes - a nip of Champagne and trying to freeze the moment. Feeling the elegan... VIEW MORE Lindy-Hop Swing New Year’s Eve Party Enclosed you will find some impressions of the Lindy-Hop Swing New Year's Eve Party in Terracotta in Konstanz. For a few months now, I have been practicing Lindy-Hop and enjoy every moment I can dance... VIEW MORE Documentary wedding story on the Achalm, Reutlingen On the beautiful Achalm in Reutlingen, near Stuttgart, you can marry beautifully in nature and on a small mountain with a wide view of the Swabian Alb. If you're lucky, you'll even find a few sheep an... VIEW MORE Business Portrait Shooting at Lake Constance The slightly different business portraits with a swing in the leisure style we did in autumn on the beautiful shore of Lake Constance near Konstanz. With a view of the beautiful Switzerland and the ge... VIEW MORE Family-Shooting at Lake Constance Family pictures are a nice memory of the special moments of the development of our children and babies. The fleeting and sincere moments captured in an emotional photography and refined with a fine-ar... VIEW MORE Yoga Shooting at Lake Constance beach with sunrise Some weeks ago I met Irina from Switzerland for a Yoga Shooting. She was pregnant with her baby in the 35th week and her baby belly was quite large already. We went directly to the water with the view... VIEW MORE Wedding in the Zollhaus in Bodman-Ludwigshafen, Lake Constance With a nice summer wedding celebrated Julia & Marius their love in Bodman-Ludwigshafen at Lake Constance. I covered their emotional wedding as wedding photographer from the morning till night - cl... VIEW MORE Wedding with moorish ambience in the Wilhelma in Stuttgart Between lions and elephants to be on the move as a wedding photographer you have otherwise only in Africa, Asia maybe - India with its elephants and in other exotic countries. Stuttgart is not the fir... VIEW MORE Winter couple shooting in Konstanz February, it is cold and the freezing wind takes all of your energy out of your body. The gray nature gets broken by the warm hearts and the world is getting beautiful. The hearts meat each other and ... VIEW MORE Silvester Wedding in Hagnau / Friedrichshafen at Lake of Constance Its special to shoot a wedding story on Silvester day. The day by itself has a special vibe an gets even more intense by a wedding. The change of the years, the cycle of time, the death and getting ne... VIEW MORE Shooting for Es-Ist-Sinfonie Collective We founded a collective with the name Es-Ist-Sinfonie end of last year and organized for the beginning a shooting in Tübingen together. Key of the collective is the long cooperation we already have to... VIEW MORE