Natürliche Portraits
Dokumentarische Fotografie

Having a good time on the lake of Constance, enjoying the water and waves, having your beloved in your arms and close your eyes – a nip of Champagne and trying to freeze the moment. Feeling the elegance of the motor boat, touching the soft leather and admire the nice Mahagoni wood – everything is perfect.

Since a while I have the idea to offer more. Combining possibilities to transform a shootings to a experience. And there I arrived – I am proud to announce you for the year 2019 the exclusive possibility to enjoy your time on an elegant boat called Pegiva in combination with a shooting. Like a Riva Aquarama or Bösch has the Pegiva a classic hull shape with elegant sit an patient surface. Reduced to the minimum and with driving 300 PS. With the sonorous sound, reflecting decent the huge amount of power, are we gliding over the calm lake and enjoying our freedom. We have distance to the main land and leave behind all needless thoughts. Holiday for its best from the first minute.

Everything is taken care of and you get a good time on the lake in combination with a photo shooting. The pictures will remind you all day about these moments and make you happy.

Lake of Constance is in between Stuttgart, Zurich, Basel and Munich and can be easily reached by car.

More information can you find here: Classic Boat *shootings*


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