Natürliche Portraits
Dokumentarische Fotografie


To freeze a moment for ever has a magical touch. To create something with personal content and value for generations even more. To capture moments and touching hearts on weddings that grandchildren get the chance to talk about generations later …

I am a philosophical guy, smart, quite and open minded to the world. I love traveling, sailing, sun and tea – quite moments were I am alone with god and get the chance to talk with him. For me is the world more than just what we see… and capturing pictures with more than the obvious parts is what I want. Pictures which touching us, talking to us, making us smile.

I live in the southern part of Germany in Constance at the border to Switzerland (I can see and smell it, when the wind comes from the south) – between Stuttgart and Zurich at Lake of Constance (Bodensee).

Send me a message – I love to get in contact with new worlds!





Lass mich wissen, wie ich weiterhelfen kann!