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The Pegiva is the Australian form of the famous Riva Aquarama motorboats, which have a beautiful curved wooden hull and a reduced body. Classic, beautiful, timeless – always something for the eye and the esthete’s heart beat faster. Due to the high maintenance and the delicate wooden construction, there are no corresponding wooden boats on Lake Constance for chartering. It’s a pity – because the joy on such a boat is great. All the more I am pleased that I can offer exclusively from 2019 shootings, which take place on a beautiful Pegiva.

Enjoy time on the lake on a motorboat combined with a shooting. The fine Colette in Konstanz with its diverse delicacies ensures culinary pleasure.

In addition to the five seats, the Pegiva has a lying area where you can enjoy the swings of the waves. For sound enthusiasts, the 300 hp engine provides a deep sonorous buzzing sound and provides enough power to get off the mark – be careful with your hairstyle.

If you are looking for something special for your wedding day, you want to give away beautiful moments or you want to do something good for yourself. Therefore the idea fits wonderful.

Enjoy the time with your loved one and let your mind wander.

Lake of Constance is in between Stuttgart, Zurich, Basel and Munich and can be easily reached by car.

More information can be found here: Classic Boat *shootings*


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