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A few thoughts on the word beauty. Ohh – how it shines… everyone wants to be beautiful.
Yes. What’s stupid is that local society deals with it in a grotesque way. At school we already get the comparison gene implanted that constantly motivates us to compare ourselves with others. And only those who are better than the average are good. Whereby better than the average is no longer enough for most (whereby the question of what the average is at all is not easy to answer with a subjective criterion).
Well… the cosmetic and fashion industry, driven by the capitalist delusion of wanting to implement more and more, now offer unrealistic comparative images together with the golden solution. Wonderful. Unfortunately, you never get to the point where everything is good… Gnaw doubts, block fears and optimization takes its course.

Should I tell you something… everyone knows it and nobody takes it seriously: True beauty comes from within… everyone nods and smiles, turns to the pocket mirror and follows her lipstick.
In every person there is a core of love, which has to be turned unconditionally to the outside and let flow to the other. A smile, a ray, a cheerful squeak, an I am happy that the sun is shining, a thank you that I may be healthy …
Unfortunately, these are all things you can’t buy. They are gifts of life. You just have to take them. Let things be good and free yourself from the gruelling value system. To love yourself as you are – and everything is good.

Have fun !

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