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Fotografie Coaching, Mentoring & Workshop

Are you looking for more knowledge and expertise?

Learning from others means shortening your own learning loop.

If you are interested in a coaching, mentoring or workshop to develop your photography and personality – just write me via the contact form.

For example, it can be about natural portraits, wedding photography, dealing & seeing light, digital post-processing, shooting on film, workflow, psychology or personal development.

Maybe the post of a full-day coaching with an evening shootings will inspire and convince you.

Furthermore, I developed a new workshop concept together with Daniela Reske. We touch on photography and go into the depths of being. We want you to align yourself with your innermost core and make it shine. If this succeeds, the will merges into being and FLOW is created.

Welcome to Way To Live Photography !

Detached from photography, I also offer general mentorings that focus on personality development. These usually go over a longer period of time and contain the developmental process of being human. Everyday things, thoughts, fears and questions we backlight together and you get a further perspective on your situation. It helps you to find your way and gives you more clarity in the hustle and bustle.

My training as a physicist helps me to understand, abstract and reduce situations quickly. Furthermore, my high sensitivity helps me to perceive things that are not obvious. Currently I am in training to become an integral system coach and am learning how to solve systemic entanglements and blockades which can hinder your free development.

If it appeals to you, I will gladly offer you a free preliminary talk so that you can get to know me better.

Occasionally I need an assistant for a wedding. If you want to accompany me and take a look behind the scenes, you are welcome to accompany me. Besides we can philosophize about God, the world and of course photography.

I am looking forward to you!






Lass mich wissen, wie ich weiterhelfen kann!