Natürliche Portraits
Dokumentarische Fotografie

From time to time there are more elaborate weddings, which invite to the “GetTogether” on the evening before the wedding. They like to be a bit more relaxed and in this beautiful case the dress code was: summer festive or “western style”. The own riding hall was prepared for it and a Bullriding was developed, so that the Western character nothing may be missing. The atmosphere was loosely fluffy and old and new acquaintances had the possibility to close in the arms. Personally I think such a “custom” is great, because it relieves the actual wedding day. Many guests come and with everyone you want to exchange a few words – if possible something more profound and substantial… and the time runs. 12h are not much and with the evening before you can greet many and have a relaxed time together in advance. In other cultures one marries a whole week – there one invites to the wedding in the week XY and if then times all are there marries one more or less spontaneously. I think the thought is great – it’s a bit unwieldy for our western, clocked world, but it doesn’t matter. You have to think ahead and not always stop at the first “but”.

Enough talk – now the pictures from the evening before come.


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