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Between lions and elephants to be on the move as a wedding photographer you have otherwise only in Africa, Asia maybe – India with its elephants and in other exotic countries. Stuttgart is not the first association there. Not even Morocco – with the beautiful Damascene Hall of Wilhelma directly reminiscent of its Moorish splendor. That you can marry there, I did not know until the time – maybe it’s because I come from Konstanz and I am not regularly in the Wilhelma. Well then – learned something again. After the ceremony we celebrated in the Beletage of Kessler sparkling wine in Esslingen, a beautifully and comfortably furnished floor of the old Kessler half-timbered house.

I also find the red tattoo of the bride on her back exciting with the quote from Albert Camus “In the depths of winter I finally learned that I have an invincible summer”.


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