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Family pictures are a nice memory of the special moments of the development of our children and babies. The fleeting and sincere moments captured in an emotional photography and refined with a fine-art print for the home. We can realize this together in a shooting on Lake Constance. For example, on the banks of Konstanz or Kreuzlingen or in the countryside.

One evening we had just this and a threatened thunderstorm came from Schaffhausen, Singen, Radolfzell over Konstanz away. It still grazed Zurich, Winterthur and Frauenfeld, so that the Swiss were also allowed to witness it. The question was – dare we or not – and we decided to do it. What was rewarded with a beautiful sunset and dark clouds in the background towards Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn.

In addition to the children’s pictures and couple pictures of the two, we also did a couple of musician portraits with guitar and vocals.

So diverse can be a shoot on the shores of Lake Constance.



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